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When you have the right tools to do the job, the results can be amazing. We worked hard so you can have the best tools to get your job done  quickly and efficiently. 


Brava’s Appointment Calendar is very intuitive and easy to use, It lets you move quickly and skip between the POS and the calendar in a click. 

BravaPOS Calendar 1

Tag your appointments 

Create and assign custom tags to your appointments, each tag represent an appointment type you define. Tags can be color coded for easy view on your calendar.

Quick access to your CRM 

Easy access to your clients information from your scheduled appointment. Quickly view your client purchase history, preferences, or any other relevant information. 

Brava Calendar CRM

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Location View 

Conveniently view all your locations appointments under one calendar, or in separate calendars. Save time and stay in control, don’t ever miss an appointment again. Complete access control, let a manager access and control all locations calendar while employees can only view personal appointments.

BravaPOS Calendar

Recurring Appointments 

Set recurring appointments in seconds and stop wasting time editing your calendar.  All you need to do is set the time, date, and frequency and you are all set.

Reminders and Alerts

Set an alert or a reminder to your appointments, Send your clients and employees emails or text messages to remind them of upcoming appointments. Unlimited number of alerts with multiple triggers let you stay in control and make sure everyone is ready for their appointment.

Appointment Alert BravaPOS

Brava’s Appointment Calendar is simple, efficient, and powerful. We listen to our clients needs and provide the perfect solution for you. 

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