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Go beyond rewards. Make every client a family member with your own Loyalty Program ! 


Loyalty always pays! Enjoy the ability of taking customer satisfaction to a whole new level.

Feel on top of the world! 

Loyalty matters when it comes to Brava POS and their clients. Feel the importance begin the second you receive your loyalty customer card.

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Loyalty Program Features:

Actual Member Card- Issue an actual Member card for your clients to participate in the loyalty program just like the biggest companies !

Point Utilization- Define how much must be spent to earn each point + what is the value of each point in $ for purchases .

Member levels- Control the level of the Loyalty program member based on the amount of points he has and set levels of membership .

Full Sync with client card- See all loyalty program info on Client card , Control levels manually if necessary !

BravaPOS calendar iPad

Relax, Smile, and Enjoy

-Repeating customers increase business revenue by 30-40%

-Exclusive for Brava POS

-Ability to create steps and levels

-Additional charges may apply

The success of your business depends on your clientele, so stay loyal and give back!

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