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More than just a point of sale

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Manage Your Inventory

Inventory management with ease. Transfer between locations, combine items to form kits and packages, set reorder alert triggers. You’ll never wait on products again!

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Advanced Reporting System

Multiple filtering and sorting options. Employee reports, summary reports, product reports with averages, cost and profit reports, EOD reports.View reports on any device.

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Powerful Functionality

Ipad and Iphone with BravaPOS

Multiple Locations and Franchise

Manage as many stores as you like, Share employees between locations, Manage a centralized inventory. Currency conversion for foreign locations. Absolute permissions control.

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Ever since we started working with Brava managing the business is much easier. The software is really easy to use, very convenient, and very efficient. They are very open to suggestions and customizing information for the client. It makes our work in the office much better.
LA Stearmers, LA Steamers
The best thing ever ! Changed my business completely. The large amount of information you get from the reports is amazing. The POS is easy to use, and has all the options you can think of.
Dana, Prima UK
Brava has all you need to run a business. I love it that I can be in control no mater where I go. The employees love the up-sale tools and all the special features that makes Brava so great.
David, DTP Inc
Why NYS Chose Brava
Brava was the only POS to meet our high demands and customized requests as a worldwide franchise. Brava gave us higher levels of control than any other POS system we have tried.
When it comes to reports, statistics and numbers, Brava has no competition. All this comes with outstanding customer service and 24/7 Technical support!
Switching to Brava definitely improved our business. We have been getting very positive feedback from all of our domestic franchisees, as well as our International ones.

NYS Collection Eyewear, NYS Collection Eyewear
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